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With a reputation built on years of experience, innovation, and consistent quality, MegaServices is your partner for providing top-notch Pro-AV labor. Our goal is not only to meet but exceed your expectations. We understand the urgency of your projects and the stakes involved—your success is our success.

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Our Services

MegaServices can leverage our nationwide network of Professional Audio/Visual technicians for service contracts, system installations, and more, given you increased scalability and flexibility.

Service Contracts


Have the peace of mind of knowing that you can have qualified Pro AV Techs available for you nationwide. We have technicians in all major markets, and many secondary markets.  See our coverage map.

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Tech working on equipment rack

AV System Installations


Our AV Systems Installations service offers scalable support, from augmenting your team with expert technicians to full project management, ensuring efficient, expertly executed audio/visual system installations tailored to your needs. See our map of installers.

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Technician installing projector

Low Voltage Structured Cabling


Our service ensures seamless, reliable infrastructure for your technology systems, specializing in the design and installation of structured cabling solutions for data, voice, and video communications.

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Video Teleconferencing (VTC) Systems


Our Video Teleconferencing (VTC) service offers comprehensive solutions for VTC systems, including expert installation, setup, and timely repairs, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration for your team.

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Video Teleconferencing System

Technical Staffing


Our Technical Staffing service boosts your in-house technical teams with expert staff augmentation, perfect for managing large projects or handling peak seasons, ensuring seamless operation and project success.

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Project Management


Our Project Management service specializes in overseeing Audio/Visual installations, ensuring projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality and innovation.

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System Commissioning


Our System Commissioning service ensures your Audio/Visual systems are expertly set up, calibrated, and optimized for peak performance, delivering exceptional audio and visual experiences right from the start.

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The Pro AV Technicians You Can Trust

Experience the transparency and commitment of MegaServices with our MegaCompete Solutions—offered without any hidden charges, contractual obligations, subscriptions, or minimum requirements. We pledge to deliver nothing short of the finest Pro Av technicians in the United States for your project- no extra cost, no surprises, just unparalleled AV service excellence.

Top-tier Professionals

Cost Effective Excellence

Turnkey AV Solutions

Seamless Integration, Exceptional Quality, and Timely Execution: We’re Redefining Pro Av Services

MegaServices is your partner in expansion and growth, enabling your company to seize opportunities and reach new heights. We offer an extensive network of highly skilled technicians, robust helpdesk support, and a wealth of project management and recruiting resources. This extensive toolkit equips us to respond quickly to your needs, allowing you to scale rapidly and tackle crucial projects head-on. Confidently pursue projects that might once have seemed beyond your reach due to resource limitations. We’re here to help you transcend those constraints, propelling your business forward and turning your ambitious visions into tangible realities.

We are the industry leader

Why Choose MegaServices

  1. Unmatched Experience and Innovation. Since 2007, our team of certified Pro AV technicians has managed all sorts of projects, from intimate business meetings to large product launches and more. We’ve seen it all and triumphed over every challenge.
  2. Get Started Right Away. We appreciate the importance of time in your business. With MegaServices, there’s no lengthy acclimatization. Our professionals hit the ground running, ensuring your project moves right on schedule.
  3. Cost-Effective. Your budget is crucial to your operations. We offer top-tier services at competitive prices without compromising on quality.
  4. Long-Term Partnerships. We’re not just about one-off services. We build lasting relationships with our clients, becoming your go-to- Pro AV team for all future projects.

Serving Customers Like You Since 2007

Running the numbers

MegaServices has been a pioneer in the Pro AV resources market since 2007. We have a proven track record of providing Pro AV labour

Service Calls*
Large Installs
Qualified Active Techs
*Includes service calls and small installations

We Service Leading Companies

Pro AV Technician repairing equipment

Empowering Your Business with MegaServices: Unrivaled AV Expertise at Your Disposal

At MegaServices, we pride ourselves on setting the bar high in Pro AV services. Our distinction lies in our relentless pursuit of excellence. We’re not just a service provider; we consider ourselves partners in your success. When you entrust us with your project, we meticulously select a technician whose skills precisely match your needs. But we don’t stop there.

While technical expertise is crucial, it’s only half the equation. We implement an exhaustive certification test to ensure our selected tech possesses not only the technical prowess but also the behavioral expectations of your project. Our holistic approach ensures that you have a technician who is not just technically proficient but also a seamless fit for your organizational culture and work ethic.

With a network of over 2,000 AV technicians, we have the resources to find the exact skillset you need. We take our service a step further by thoroughly interviewing potential candidates and refining the list of qualified technicians. Our rigorous process adds an extra layer of value to our services, ensuring you have the very best technician for your unique needs.

At MegaServices, we believe in delivering not just a service but a comprehensive solution that perfectly aligns with your vision. Experience the MegaServices difference, where excellence is not just an aspiration but our standard operating procedure.

Why Mega Services?

It's a Simple 3-step Process

We try to make teh process as painless as possible so you can get to work

Step 1

Connect with Sales

Press the GET STARTED button and take a few minutes to fill out the MegaTech application form, which will give us a sense of your skills and work experience.

Step 2

Book Technicians

Our recruitment team will walk you through the screening processes, including some basic testing and verification to ensure you have the right equipment and tools for the work.

Step 3

Grow Your Business

Once you’ve been through our vetting processes, you’ll be added to our network. You’ll start receiving work orders for jobs in your area to get started right away!

Leverage Our Nationwide Network of Pro AV Professionals For Increased Efficiency and Profitability

At MegaServices, we have spent years building a network of Pro AV service providers across the United States and Canada.  If you are a Pro AV integrator or a company in need of a flexible and scalable Pro AV workforce, MegaServices is the clear choice.  Our process takes the risk out of the equation, so you can have confidence that you will have the skilled personnel you need, when you need them, for your next Pro AV project.

Industry Certifications

Industry Experts

Our techs posses a variety of industry certifications, including:

A+ Certified
Apple Mac Integration 10.7
Audia Certified
CC102-Cabling Essentials
CC103-Control Essentials
CC104-Networking Essentials
CC105-PC Essentials
CC106-Video Essentials
Certificate Samsung 2015 TV
Certificate Samsung 2016 TV
Crestron DMC-E Certified
Crestron NVX
Crestron NVX-N
Crown-Drive Core Install Series
Digital Signage Certified Expert
Extron Certified AV AssociateHarman Certified Audio Associate-Design
Harman Certified Audio Associate-Design
Harman Certified Control Associate-Commissioning
Harman Certified Control Professional-Commissioning
Harman Certified Networked AV Professional-Commissioning
Kramer Control System Designer
ND101 Network AV Design Essentials
ND102-Fundamentals of Networked AV
QSC Control Net
Q-Sys-Level 1 Certified
Shure Certification-Audio-Basics-for-IT-Professionals
Shure Certification-IntelliMix-P300–Technical-Enablement-Training 32 Shure Certification-
Networking-Basics-for-Audio-Professionals 33 Shure Certification-Shure-Micro-Flex-
Networking-Basics-for-Audio-Professionals 33 Shure Certification-Shure-Micro-Flex-
34 Shure Certification-Shure-Micro-Flex-Wireless-Technical-Training 35 Shure
Shure Certification-Wired-Microphones-101
Biamp Tesira Certified
Kramer Audio Specialist
Kramer AV Over IP Sales Associate
Kramer AV Specialist AV Fundamentals
Kramer AV over IP Installer
Kramer VIA Installer
Kramer VIA Sales Associate
Biamp Fundamentals of Speech Privacy and Sound Masking
BSA 101 Welcome to BrightSign
BSA 102 BrightSign Player and Network Setup
BSA 103 Network Management
BSA 106 Video Walls