2019 New Programs

Mar 6, 2019

Mega Services LLC is excited about working with your organization in 2019 and sharing our new MegaElite™ and MegaComplete™ service promises. 

We’re introducing our new MegaElite™and MegaComplete™programs this year. Our rebranding efforts are truly focused on helping you grow your business. We view our company as an extension of your company and to that end, our blended workforce is committed to helping you find white label solutions to expand your business. 


All of our technicians are certified through the MegaElite™ program. This allows us to offer you the right team for the job.

As part of our MegaElite™ training program, each Pro AV applicant is required to review and test on a variety of categories including Professionalism, Reliability, Technical Skills, Troubleshooting and more. These Code of Conduct standards are laid out in our Video Training Series (VTS) and help to ensure seamless and transparent job completion.

Our extensive vetting of Pro AV techs means we are aware of their specific skill sets and assets and are able to build out your desired workforce. Once we pick a tech for your project(s), we will collaborate with you to create a satisfactory certification test. We add extra value by interviewing and refining the qualified technicians per your specifications – finally, selecting the best tech suited for your needs.

Our goal is to provide you with a team who not only knows technically what is expected of them but is prepared to adhere to a higher code of conduct on site.


We know that real-time feedback is invaluable to our customers. Which is why we created the MegaComplete™ program. This program follows a list of procedures customized to guarantee a positive experience from the start.

We have created a specific, highly customizable strategy to make sure that your Work Order objectives are covered. We’ve found that support of these pre-site / pre-deployment preparations, can guarantee the success of any initial pilot / special care project work orders with Mega Services.

We want to help you go after projects that might have been out of reach in the past. As a white label solution for your company, we’re here to support you with the necessary technician network, help desk technical support, project management and/or recruiting resources – all seamlessly tailored to suit your brand. With over 4,000 AV technicians in our database and an expanding support team, we can help you build a customized workforce for any job.

Please let us know if you have any questions, we appreciate your business and look forward to our future partnership!

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