Control Systems

Controlling complex audiovisual systems is crucial to small and large-scale communication dynamics. Control System Technology, while not new, has evolved from its humble push button A/V switch days to innovative, robust, technological features that can control the world from a small conference room in any location across the hemisphere.

While it is crucial to have a full understanding of how each piece of equipment works, it is not enough. A qualified provider must have the knowledge needed to work on control systems. The provider must not only understand the equipment but also understand the hardware and software flow (control flow). Most providers will attempt to send a trained technician to the site. Mega Services doesn’t stop there. Through partnerships and our internal team we bring our field engineers, master programmers and system designers qualified in all of the main manufacturers’ control systems, to each site with us. This approach allows for a much greater chance of first-time resolution and customer satisfaction.

Whether our clients’ needs are for a small classroom, medium corporate boardroom, large-scale lecture hall or giant auditorium, Mega Services is positioned to address all of their control system needs.

Experienced with the latest technologies and industry standards, our AV field engineers are knowledgeable and equipped to handle any connectivity needs including: programmable control systems, computer-video interfaces, distribution amplifiers, signal processing equipment, streaming codecs, switches, and other audio devices.

In addition, with our manufacturing resource relationships including: CRESTON and AMX, the Mega Services technical team has access to the most knowledgeable engineers and developers in the control systems’ industry. Through the Connectivity, Communication and Coverage of the Mega Services network, we help our clients to control the world with one click of a button.