How We Became The Premier AV Pro Resource In North America.

MegaTech™ installing screen mount

Mega Services LLC was originally founded in 2007 by Mike Greckel as a traditional Pro AV services company in the US. We manage highly skilled Pro AV and digital signage resources for installation and repair services. Now, over a decade later, we are uniquely situated to offer top tier Field Service and Business Intelligence Solutions to deliver the next level of Pro AV service to you and your customers. 

Mega Services LLC is more dedicated than ever to building trusted partnerships. We see ourselves as a partner in your business, we’re not just subcontracting labor. We’re providing a complete solution and partnership to take you to the next level. We look forward to assisting in the overall success and growth of your operation.

The Mega Method

Mega Services LLC is proud to be a faith-based company. We hold at our core a belief in honor, taking ownership of faults and a mutual respect with our clients and Pro AV technicians in the US. We look forward to creating partnerships in the US with top AV companies based on integrity, resilience and honesty. We believe in providing resources on both sides, open communication, not soliciting either parties’ clients, partners, techs, or any other confidential information. 

Our company vision is to be the go-to provider of on-demand Pro AV resources throughout North America. A Pro AV service provider in the United States where happy people work and loyal customers stay for life.

We align our processes and all resources necessary so that streamlined communication and automation is the rule, not the exception. The growth and development of our employees is important. We believe in delivering work in a timely manner for operational excellence of services being delivered.

Our MegaComplete™ Solutions are offered at no additional cost, minimums, contracts, subscriptions or hidden fees. Our goal is to guarantee the best Pro AV technicians in the US will be provided for the job.

the mega way seven pillars

Mega Certified Pro AV Service Technicians in the US

As the years have progressed, so has technology and our ability to create ongoing positive changes within the Pro AV field. Through infrastructure updates we have been able to identify several pain points within the Pro AV industry and create a framework to support better processes around these items. We have streamlined and improved the following

  • Communication Flow
  • Pilot Work Order Task Forces
  • Top Tier Hiring for Recruitment
  • Remote Technical Support
  • First Time Resolution
  • In-house W2’s for finer scope of work
  • Code of Conduct Adherence

We consistently commit to knowing and learning more about our client’s core business, reach, and internal processes. Our intent is to align and automate as many steps as possible without sacrificing control, quality, cost or transparency. Mega Services LLC Elevated means we are always looking to improve on our commitment to our customers and be the best Pro AV service provider in the United States.

ProAV technician digital multimeter

Mega Certified Pro AV Install Technicians

All Mega technicians are offered a chance to be certified through the MegeElite program, allowing us to assign the right team for the job.

As a part of our MegaElite™ program, each Pro AV applicant is tested on a variety of categories including Reliability, Technical Skills, Troubleshooting and more. These Code of Conduct standards are laid out in our Video Training Series (VTS) to help ensure professionalism and transparent job completion.

We add extra value by interviewing and refining the qualified technicians per any required specifications.  Our proprietary vetting process of Pro AV field engineers now extends beyond the customized Mega training & certifications.

We have hired several of our best 1099’s as W-2 employees to continue building our own unique blended workforce.  Our MegaElite W-2’s are traveling around the country to properly manage, train and ensure quality assurance and protocols are being met for all high-profile projects.

Map of MegaElite™ technicians in North America