Mega Services, LLC is a Pro AV Resources company dedicated to bringing innovative Audiovisual Technology solutions that gain audience attention, drive individuals to action, and launch our clients to the forefront of their marketplace.

With a creative mindset, Mega Services continually explores new opportunities to improve on our outstanding service, offering original AV technology solutions with ingenuity and imagination. Through our proprietary 10-step technician recruitment process, we assure that our knowledgeable technicians are the top in the field and can be trusted to deliver the highest quality results.


The 3C Commitment
Connectivity= Providing Pro AV Resources, Administering a 10-Step Technician Recruitment Process, Developing an AV Solution Services Web App to Increase Service Solutions.

Communication= Maintaining a 24-Hour Immediate Response Helpdesk Support Team, Providing Customer Driven Emphasis Project Management Team, Facilitating Manufacturer Relationships for Advantageous Industry Resources.

Coverage = Providing AV Service Solutions Throughout the United States and Canada.

When you call Mega Services, you are calling the MEGA-provider for Audio Visual Technology management. You can rest assured that your project will be Connected, Communicated and Covered by our team of expert professionals.